Have you ever?

December 3th

It’s been a long time since my last blogs, dunno why i miss it. Currently i’m playing with deadline and dynamic situation. Crazy..yes,Challenging..yup,one for sure it’s taking almost my time. Is it really hard to think? i guess not, but sometimes i’m tired dealing with rutinity.
In the middle of my “day” preparation, i get full job as a producer next year, facing the new radio image with full concentration increasing idea and fresh inovation, meanwhile there’s less communication with my buddies (them also..),another resolution and time which run fastly
Have you ever felt the same way? when deadline often visit your day? and you think you can handle it? God..i’m gratefull over U, for all the things U give, that makes me learn how to survive, handling the problems and know the weakness inside..as i walk again in the circle of life, start a better way,never stop,just walk..with smile

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