2011 | 2012 ; Highlights and Resolutions

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you | Oprah Winfrey

After a long time break, I surely missed blogging. Taking it as a long distance relationship, I feel impatient to finally meet and get intimate. Well, let’s see what happened in my life along 2011 🙂

I was excited to feel a new experience as @Mavtweets associate, learned many things about new media and PR industry. One of the best things was to work closely with my blogger idols @beradadisini and got to know more about online communities. I was even asked to be an MC discussing @Pengajarmuda with @Aniesbaswedan at @Obsat event.

I was able to meet food bloggers community then another MC duty for @Obsat with @Aldosianturi

It was a marvelous moment. Thanks to my office, I had the chance to celebrate my 27th birthday in Phuket, Thailand. It was also my first time going abroad :D. Travelling is such a relieve for pleasure seekers.

I also met Ollie @Salsabeela as my 27th birthday gift. It was an enlightening and intimate chat, my eyes were widely opened. Visit her blog for more inspiring things!

Oh ya, this month my husband visited The Tunisian Republic, Egypt then Libya covering Middle East conflict. It was a big challenge for him. I was worried at the beginning but thanks to Allah everything went well. He even brought me some special b’day gift :p

I joined another community’s event such as @Akademiberbagi @PechakuchaJKT to expand network

I decided to resign, chasing my next dream, taking post graduate. But then, my priority changed. I become a stayed-home mom, while my husband and her mom were busy finding the best treatment for my father in law. It was a hard moment for us. Stay close to your family is one perfect sentence for this situation, because you’ll never know what the future brings.

I started On Air again on @LITEFM1058. On its 3rd birthday celebration Stephanie Pink said hello once again to the audiences. Yap, it’s my on air nickname.

We all felt blue. After suffering for  more than a year,  on July 21st my father in law passed away. It really affected the entire family. I even wrote about this. Through every media, me and my husband tried to look for blood donors. Thanks to @Blood4LifeID @justsilly @pasarsapi @nonadita @chicme and other online friends who have helped us spreading the news. We have tried our best. Hope Allah gives him the best place, Amien.

I called it rainbow after the rain. After struggling with emotional breakdown during our lost, my husband got a project and my passion towards communities met its own way. I started my first day in @Kaskus, learning how to manage digital content for The Largest Indonesian Community. Ramadan is full of blessings even though we missed Ramadan moment with my father in law.

Watched Linkin Park concert, met up with onliners at @Socmedfest were the fun moments beside taking a special family photo shoot with my humble photographer friend @Charliehartono

#28Okt was my beloved daughter Ayesha 2nd birthday, along with Sumpah Pemuda celebration. After googling and surveying, we decided to hold a small private party for her friends in KFC. It was a blessing to watch kids interact with each others, had some fun and wishing the best for Ayesha. Believe it or not, no one cried.

Moved to the new @Kaskus office, or should I call it a new playground. Glad to join the fun-youth-creative environment. The employees were so excited with this 12th b’day gift. I also got the chance to manage #KantorBaruKaskus campaign.

Love the “kopdar” time with bloggers, communities from @KopdarJakarta @Startuplokal @ID4SQ @Koprol @Akademiberbagi @AnakUIdotcom @FreshForum @Ngerumpi @TEDxJKT. Then met moderators, closed with @Kaskus media partners and valuable partners.

Visited @onoffID event at Epicentrum and joined “arisan” with rumpiers community were the guilty pleasures.

The best thing was to have a series of dating with my husband, from watching MI4 to Sherlock Holmes, street dining, private chat at @Sabang16 then another quality time around the city. It’s been three years of marriage, hope Allah will always guide our way, amien.

Family and friends are the best things I have, I’m grateful for it. Now, I’m ready to say “Welcome 2012” 🙂

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot | Stephen King

I asked myself then find out that writing has always been on top of my resolution. So, I’m trying to be more productive on writing this year, whether through blog or other social media channel. Hopefully I will be able to publish my own book through @nulisbuku this year.

On the other hand, I fall in love with hijabers such as @HijabersComm @Theurbanmuslimah @hana_tajima and @dianpelangi. Planning to join several events related to them. Can’t forget @girlsintechID @wordisme also @piknikasik communities for another fun getaways.

Exploring cities in Indonesia then hopefully there’s a chance to visit Singapore. Open for sponsors 😀

3 thoughts on “2011 | 2012 ; Highlights and Resolutions

    • djghina says:

      Hi Luh, makasih udh mampir. Resolusi 2012 saya ngga jauh dr nulis, komunitas sama travel, mudah2an bisa lebih produktif tahun ini.

      Anyway, Hermesian udah ninggalin jejak di hati aku kok *eh :))


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