Women ‘happiest at 28’

Women are at their happiest at the age of 28, a study has found | Telegraph

Yup on March 29th 2012, i’m turning 28 and feel happy about it. Thanks to my family, all friends and colleagues. Felt loved, blessed and I’m so grateful for that. Previously had no clue until i read this article 🙂

The age of 28 has been pinpointed as the time in a woman’s life when their hair looks the best, body shape is at its peak and confidence is at an all-time high (Clairol Perfect 10 Survey)

Then I start to enjoy my me-time through the net, blogging and blogwalking. Found ideas to write about the 28 things I love to celebrate the happiness 🙂

28 Things I love

  1. I Love the facts that dreams do come true if you’re passionate about it
  2. I love words, poems and writing world
  3. I love to read, visiting book stores and start to hunt books
  4. I Love getting new ideas for my book/writing projects
  5. I love blogging and blogwalking
  6. I love being a moslem, Alhamdulillah
  7. I love hijabers fashion line, trully tempting, someday i’ll make my own 😀
  8. I love enjoying me-time while staring at the beach, watching raindrop or sitting in a garden
  9. I love travel, taking pictures while exploring different places, Europe was on the wishlist
  10. I love spending time with my family, being Ayesha’s mom and supporting for happy parenting
  11. I Love the mom-daughter rituals between me and Ayesha
  12. I Love the way Ayesha crush into books, bookstore and iPad :p
  13. I Love each moment with my soulmate, my beloved husband, my partner in crime 😀
  14. I love culinary hunting, from resto to street dining
  15. I love cooking and home-made food
  16. I love an optimist, passionate people that fuel my soul
  17. I love spending time with friends and fulfill the day with fun photos
  18. I love being around communities, see the sparkling on their eyes when it comes to their interest
  19. I love my music and movies adventure, enjoying the playlist
  20. I love broadcasting and learn more about public speaking
  21. I Love the way internet and social media provide information
  22. I love the way internet and social media create interaction
  23. I Love working on a digital atmosphere, like working on the playground called @Kaskus 🙂
  24. I Love getting new potential project for my career
  25. I love the cute-creative-colorfull stuff or decor
  26. I love making scrapbook from magazines, and browsing pinterest hell yeah 😀
  27. I love my next dreams to get post-graduate and teach again
  28. I Love artsy stuff, from street painting to gallery

Now i’m curious, what’s on your list ?

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