Family Trip on A Paradise Called Bali

Had the chance to spend family holiday in Bali is blessings. Share beautiful places with your beloved ones, what else do you want?

A Paradise Called Bali

It might be too long since my last blog post, but better late than never. On April 2013, me and my family finally visited Bali, a well known paradise, proudness for Indonesian. Talking about the preparation, brought four adults and one 4yo children is challenging. Since this is my mom and sister in law first time visit, yet Ayesha’s first experience go outside Java island. I have to make sure that nothings left, the destinations are exciting and everyone feels comfort.

Ayesha is never been to airport or taking flight, so this trip is new thing for her. I had prepared, bring her coloring books and pencils, set on her favourite playlist also videos on my iPad, put on snacks to eat, comfort clothes for her, had a stock of stories to tell and even shaun the sheep to avoid her being boring. Yet, she enjoy everything, from sitting on a trolley, playing on the airport kids playground, wait for check in and looking at planes from the window.

Ayesha's 1st flight

For me, the key is always involve her in a discussion about what kind of trip that we want to have. The beautiful destination, fun activities that we will have also talking about my expectation upon her during this trip. It is important to let her curious and asking a lot because travel is not just going, it is about exploring yourself, meet new places and adjust with the society.

Enjoying her moment :)

What about the airplane? Well, I tell her that taking flight is exciting. Looking at skies and clouds from short view, meet the flight attendance also learn about taking care of yourself. For example like put on your seatbelt. One of my concern is she will stand or jump upon her chair, but thanks’s God that thing doesn’t happen. Ayesha was sleeping during take off and landed, so nothing to worries about

Feelin Sleepy

It was hectic traffic when we’ve finally touch down Bali. It’s been 5 years since our last visit and things looking more crowded, but still, Bali always has an enchanting way to make us comeback again. Anyway we stay on the Bali Rani Hotel, a nice and friendly hotel near Kuta. My favourite spot is the simple library on the welcoming lobby, surrounded by lotus pond and frangipani tree, feels heaven. Even the tired Ayesha talking excitedly about the bike park in the lobby,  frog statue near the pond and ask me to look for fish.

Library at the hotel

Bale Kambang_Bali Rani Hotel_Trip djghina Anyway, after check in, the 1st thing to do on her list is go for swimming. Soon she ask her dad to accompany her into the kids pool, what a girl.

Kids pool

One of the best way to enjoy Bali is by walking, so do we. From dinner place to the beach, just walk and talk, taking time with your beloved ones. Ayesha’s favourite is the big shoes near bubba gump resto, I envy her since those little things able to make her laugh loudly. Then, she ask us to take pictures for her, near the bubba gump suitcase, lobsters, purple turtle in somewhat hotel. This is what I call paradise, more than just fancy watersport or kids playground, your family presence and their laugh take you to it.

Ayesha set a pose

Look what she found

Now tell me, what’s your paradise?

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