Pasar Terapung Siring, Banjarmasin


I have heard the stories of Borneo Floating Market since i am a child, so does my mom. We both proud and appreciate the beauty of being part of Banjar tribes.

Time goes by and last January i was able to fulfilled our dream to explore one of Kalimantan magical place. It was Siring Floating Market, Martapura River Banjarmasin.

It may not as legendary “Lok Baintan” or “Kuin” floating market, yet I learn a lot from this short trip, from Indonesian sincerity to find peaceful mind above all. 


The adzan Subuh voices, the klotok boat sounds, my mom’s face flashing through my mind, the river flow gave myself time to contemplate.

We are lucky as we are, all we have to do is being grateful of what we have and achieve now.

Allah Maha Baik, Allah Maha Baik :’)

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